a short biography of Jennifer Dwight

Jennifer Dwight has lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area, the setting for her new suspense novel, for more than thirty years. Her published writings include books, serialized fiction, short stories, essays, articles, and editorials that span more than two decades.

She received a B.A. in Religion from Colorado College. After relocating to San Francisco from Colorado, she went to work in the law as a paralegal, preferring the fact-finding and stories of the cases, and all manner of writing involved, to the lawyers’ roles. She was a single mother for many years, and worked in civil litigation to support her family, before retiring in 2015.

During her paralegal career Jennifer wrote three non-fiction books including The Nuts & Bolts of Civil Litigation Practice, The Indispensable Paralegal During Discovery, and Law Firm Life: Practical Guidance from a Veteran, as well as a sixty-segment fiction serial, The Dissemblance of Marie Mirabeau, which was published twice by the San Francisco Daily Journal.

Jennifer’s debut novel, The Tolling of Mercedes Bell, won the gold medal in Suspense in the 2017 Indie Excellence Awards as well as fourteen additional literary awards in numerous categories including Legal Thriller, Women’s Fiction, Literary Fiction, Thriller, Mystery, and Best New Fiction.

The San Francisco Book Review‘s five-star review calls it “an unforgettable page-turner—a must read by all!” It has also received excellent reviews from Suspense Magazine, Sunset Magazine, the Portland Book Review, Coastal Living Magazine, Kirkus Reviews, Working Mother Magazine, Brit + Co, BuzzFeed, The Reading Room, Reader Views, and many on-line review blogs.

Mark Bennington