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You Can Be Right

An old saying in my household is that you can be “right” or you can love somebody. Translation: You can seek dominion (in a disagreement) or you can agree to disagree, and move on. You can place a higher value on getting along and honoring the other person’s position than on being “the winner.” If

December 30th, 2015|Love, Personal Growth|

Breaking the Mold

The tiniest inkling of our higher selves can awaken great courage and spawn action. A young woman's courage to claim her own independent life is beautiful and inspiring to witness. From childhood, girls all over the world are conditioned to be the caretakers, to acquiesce to the wishes of men and to put themselves last.

Grist for the Writer’s Mill

Are you a writer in search of things to write about? Try working in a law firm for a while. It’ll provide you with oceans of material. If you have a healthy sense of humor, a thick skin and a b.s. eliminator, you’ll have a front row seat to life’s pageant in all its dark

December 16th, 2015|Law Firm Life, Writing|

A Fight for Veterans’ Rights

The plight of  U.S. veterans who return from service in the Middle East afflicted with PTSD and other horrific injuries, only to face another battle--against the Veterans Administration for the care and benefits which are rightfully theirs, is the subject of "From the Lion's Den: A Fight for Veterans Rights." My article is about a

November 13th, 2015|Uncategorized|

The Hurry To Be Alive

Life is rushing by. Our time does not seem to be our own, but to belong to others: to our employers, our debtors, our audiences, our students, our teachers, our clients, to social media. Are we at the mercy of this tidal wave of activity or can we manage it somehow? An article published recently

November 9th, 2015|Quality of Life, Time|

Set That Rat Free

In his eloquent speech on October 19th, Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the U.N., exhorted the Palestinian and Israeli peoples to step back from the abyss and get serious about finding a political solution to their deteriorating conflict. He acknowledged everyone’s frustrations and anger about the settlements and the occupation; that their hopes for peace

Life in the Slow Lane

People around me were becoming ill and dying, although I was still a young woman. I attended a church in San Francisco during the 1980’s and watched as fellow parishioners became gaunt, were marked by the red blooms of Kaposi’s sarcoma, and seemed to age decades in a matter of months. The AIDS epidemic ravaged

October 22nd, 2015|Personal Growth, Time|

Self Esteem

I asked a close friend yesterday what advice she would give a young woman who was just starting out. This prompted a discussion between us about the problem of self esteem many women face at various stages of their lives. My friend grew pensive and said, “Think about the qualities you admire in people. Cultivate

October 22nd, 2015|Personal Growth|

Keys to Happiness

Over the past few weeks I’ve been talking to people about what advice they wish they could have given their younger selves. Below is a distillation of some of their wisdom: Don’t worry about whether people like you. Just be yourself with good intentions and strive to live an ethical life. Align yourself with the

October 22nd, 2015|Happiness|

Bastard Out of Carolina

I had a plan in mind for today, but then I was kicked in the head by a very wise person and my whole day was derailed. She is Dorothy Allison and the kick came from her powerful novel, Bastard Out of Carolina, a finalist for the National Book Award in 1992. This great book

October 22nd, 2015|Book Review|