Breaking the Mold

Breaking the Mold

The tiniest inkling of our higher selves can awaken great courage and spawn action.

A young woman’s courage to claim her own independent life is beautiful and inspiring to witness. From childhood, girls all over the world are conditioned to be the caretakers, to acquiesce to the wishes of men and to put themselves last.
While unselfishness is universally accepted to be virtuous, it is a quality only genuinely built on a strong foundation: an ability to see a bigger picture. Otherwise, that same action may only be a bid for someone’s approval.

If a woman has never lived free of criticism or thrived independently, how can she really give of herself? Many of us allow ourselves to be used or subjugated to the desires of more dominant personalities before we are properly established in ourselves. We may mistake others’ strident opinions of us as objective truth. We can internalize their discontent and see ourselves as less worthy. We can also wake up.
We are all in one form of mental bondage or another. We are conditioned from birth by social mores and are so often in their grip that we can’t break free to examine the rigid thinking behind our habits.

So when I see a young woman leave a relationship which has provided her with comfort and the façade of security (but insufficient respect and love) choosing to make her own way, I am inspired. Here is a person who chooses her self, has faith that the future will hold something better, and in her own ability to find it. Her decision to leave is a testament that she has already outgrown her former self. And for her, without doubt, there are brighter days ahead.

December 28th, 2015|Love, Personal Growth, Quality of Life|

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