Ariel Levy’s Rules Do Not Apply

The San Francisco Bay Area’s iconic book store, Book Passage, was the setting for many a teary eye one recent afternoon when Ariel Levy’s audience shared their deep connections with her new memoir, The Rules Do Not Apply (Random House 2017). Ms. Levy is a 42-year-old journalist who has been a staff writer at The

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These Electric Moments

You struggle against the entropy that wants you to stay put. You feel the weight of expectations. Your hope is not always intact, and sometimes you lose sight of it altogether. A lot of your time is eaten up by trivia or unavoidable responsibilities. Survival, the common struggle of all living beings, brings out the

A Fight for Veterans’ Rights

The plight of  U.S. veterans who return from service in the Middle East afflicted with PTSD and other horrific injuries, only to face another battle--against the Veterans Administration for the care and benefits which are rightfully theirs, is the subject of "From the Lion's Den: A Fight for Veterans Rights." My article is about a

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