Radicalize Your Hope!

Carolina De Robertis sat at her desk, overwhelmed by grief. President-elect Trump’s “victory” was only three days old. The probable ramifications of this dolorous event on all the hard-won civil rights gains of the past fifty years racked Carolina’s mind. She thought about the many communities of immigrants, people of color, gay and transgender people,

Amy S. Peele Launches Cut with Sharp Humor

Book Passage in Marin County’s Corte Madera was the site for Amy S. Peele’s comic and compassionate introduction of her debut novel, Cut, to a crowd of nearly one hundred people last month. Standing-room-only is rare at any book launch, but Peele’s was marked by eager cheers, a rousing introduction by author Betsy Graziani Fasbinder,

Professors, Perfidy, and Poison in a Pig Pen

The tall and gracious Professor Emerita, Judith L. Newton, held the book launch celebration for her debut novel one recent evening at Books Inc. in Berkeley. The star of the evening was Oink, A Food for Thought Mystery (She Writes Press), the first in a series showcasing the protagonist Emily Addams, a foodie professor of

News to the Reading World: An Afternoon with Paulette Jiles

Paulette Jiles is a subtle woman with a penetrating gaze who chooses her words with obvious punctiliousness, as a great author must. She delivered them to an adoring audience at the preeminent Corte Madera, CA book store, Book Passage, on a recent Sunday afternoon. She began by relating an ignominious moment with self-effacing humor, about

March 15th, 2017|Author Events, Writing|

The Birth of a Novel, Part 8: Publicists, Brand, and Platform

The Golden Handcuffs: Once publishers (with or without literary agents) express interest in your manuscript for publication, it’s time to evaluate your legal rights, financial position, and the publicity needed to bring your work to the attention of the public. Regardless of the publication route you’ve chosen, you will need an author’s “platform” and a

August 24th, 2016|Publishing, Writing|

Turning Your Day Job into Fiction

It’s no shock that most writers have “day” jobs. The average writer in the U.S. earns less than $10,000 annually from writing, according to The Authors Guild. We daydream about the elusive future in which we’ll write that break-out novel, all the while surrounded by rich material. So mine the field you’re in. Writers are

May 21st, 2016|Writing|

The Inspiration for a Legal Thriller

In June, 1977 my little daughter and I ventured to San Francisco to begin our new life. Soon after we arrived, the annual Gay Freedom Day Parade took place on Market Street, near the ratty apartment I had rented with my meager savings. I knew next to nothing about homosexuality or gay culture, so I