The Full Catastrophe by Karen Elizabeth Lee

The Full Catastrophe by Karen Elizabeth Lee

Full Catastrophe

The seeds of our discontent and self-image are sowed within us as children. They grow with our responses to our circumstances, the messages we internalize, and the choices we make. Our reactive natures and behavior develop; the well of our emotions deepens until all seem inextricably intertwined. They become the lenses through which we experience life.

We can become gradually more miserable without understanding the true causes, even the full degree of our suffering, accepting our plights as “normal,” thinking ourselves unable to extricate ourselves. We are inured to our potential for joy. We confuse surface distractions, like professional success and material wealth, with happiness. Such is the plight of Karen Elizabeth Lee at the opening of her exquisite memoir, The Full Catastrophe.

She speaks for many women in this clear, incisive torch of a book. Her confession is as brave as it is inspiring. Her words shine a light on the path, on the slender threads, leading out of the maze of domestic misery inhabited by millions of people. We are all searching for love, it seems, but in so many wrong places.

The story of Ms. Lee’s cascade of sorrows begins in girlhood, recounts verbal and physical assault by two husbands, the rapid decline and death of the second, and much family drama–all while she becomes a highly successful consulting psychologist, undergoes years of psychotherapy, and travels the world. She knows whereof she speaks.

Well written in concise prose filled with vivid descriptions of her inner and outer experiences as she treads the path to personal truth, this gorgeous memoir will grab your attention and shake you by the shoulders. A Finalist in the 2016 Indie Book Awards, this spellbinding book will pay you well for your investment of time and attention. You’ll be thinking about its uplifting message long after the reading is done.

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