Art Imitates Life

Art Imitates Life

“Broad Street” - an original watercolor by Donald S. Dwight

“Broad Street” – an original watercolor by Donald S. Dwight

The image of the watercolor painting you see on this page, “Broad Street” by Donald S. Dwight, has always looked to me like a portrait of survival. It shows an ordinary day for the young woman in the picture. It is early in the morning. I imagine that she is neither wealthy nor poor, but works to pay her way and support a family. She has locked her front door and walked into the tree-lined street on which she lives. She holds her keys and pauses before opening the car door. She notices the shadows on the pavement and the quiet of the hour. She feels the cool air on her skin and hears a bird’s song. Perhaps she gives thanks for the new day, her health, her safety, her job—a place where she can go to apply her intelligence to solve problems which are not personal to her. She has been tested by life and knows it is not the last test, but for the moment she has prevailed. She is alive and there is work to do.

September 2nd, 2015|Art Imitates Life|

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