And at any moment the end is near:
the terminus of anxiety, fear and tension,
the desire and imagined needs we carry –
a confining architecture designed by only humankind.

Cracks in the edifice (of our cherished friends, Doubt & Pain)
let in slivers of light
so allow the walls to crumble into the sea
see the mantle and weight you have borne
utterly dissemble.

Renounce your titles
step away from your roles
let innocence return.
Bid farewell to all those people you were supposed to be
expose the new skin of the immortal Self
(that One with no agenda, no anger, no remorse, no limiting thought).

Render no more judgments
turn off the criticism machine once and for all
and see the light with new eyes:
The Beloved is at your side
and peace is yours to keep.


December 18th, 2017|Happiness, Personal Growth|

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