What This Blog Is About

What This Blog Is About

Women struggle to keep their families together at all costs, often alone. Saddled with the conditioning and baggage of the past, our abilities for managing crises are often less than ideal. Our preoccupations with the future often blind us to the facts of the here and now. Like all people, we tend to see what we want to see and our perceptions are colored by our experience.

We have longings and potential which are unrealized, if not thwarted in our early years. If we don’t act on them, or are deprived of them, they haunt us. If we pursue them rashly or from base motives we may find ourselves in deep trouble. How we manage obstacles, conflict, sorrow and life-threatening circumstances is the key to our futures. What we learn, whether we survive and grow, and the quality of our lives rest upon our self awareness, character and willingness to act.

Do we merely let life happen to us until we’re in so much pain we must take a different path? How do we choose the best course of action? And what is “best”? Are we victims of our circumstances or masters of ourselves—or both?

We have deep reserves and internal resources to call upon. It is always the right time to embrace one’s wisdom and is never too late to be kinder to oneself and others. Happier, more fulfilling life is available to all of us. We are made not only to endure, to paraphrase William Faulkner, but to prevail and transcend.

What are your aspirations? What do you care most deeply about? How will you define success? At the end of your life, what will you wish you had done that you did not do? What legacy will you leave behind? Will your footsteps be those of wisdom leaving a path for others to follow? Will your life have helped those who came in contact with it?

September 4th, 2015|Personal Growth|

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