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Hello! Welcome to my website. I moved to Northern California from the Midwest in early adulthood. I sought acceptance and abundance: the freedom to be myself as a creative person, a woman, and a mother. I yearned for a cosmopolitan community, a salubrious climate, the beach, good food, a place that embraces all kinds of people and offers professional respect, happiness, and financial opportunity.  I found all these things in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I hope you enjoy your visit here and feel inclined to leave a comment or drop me a line. Thanks for stopping by!

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Through the Writer’s Eyes: An Evening with Jessica Anya Blau and Greg Bardsley

If you haven’t met Jessica Anya Blau yet, or her inimitable character, Lexie, (The Trouble with Lexie, just released), delight awaits. Jessica, who has previously written such hits as The Summer of Naked Swim Parties, Love and Death with the In Crowd, The Wonder Bread Summer, and Drinking Closer to Home, shared the spotlight with her charming friend and local HarperCollins Perennial author, Greg Bardsley (Cash Out – and, soon-to-come, The Bob Watson), at a book reading and discussion at [...]

August 30th, 2016|Author Events, Writing|0 Comments

The Birth of a Novel, Part 8: Publicists, Brand, and Platform

The Golden Handcuffs: Once publishers (with or without literary agents) express interest in your manuscript for publication, it’s time to evaluate your legal rights, financial position, and the publicity needed to bring your work to the attention of the public. Regardless of the publication route you’ve chosen, you will need an author’s “platform” and a “brand” to launch your work, and help doing so. While the largest traditional publishers[i] assume the costs of production for books they buy, they also [...]

August 24th, 2016|Publishing, Writing|0 Comments

A Girl Like You by Michelle Cox (She Writes Press 2016) 278 pp., $16.95

Set in post-WWI Chicago, A Girl Like You by Michelle Cox, is a charming mystery. Told in the third person, we are brought into the world of Henrietta Von Harmon, the oldest daughter in a large, impoverished family, who is trying her best to help support them all - in spite of so many things: her father's death, her mother's depression and negativity, the strictures of the times' poor job opportunities for women, the crime-infested workplace, and more. Yet Henrietta [...]

July 5th, 2016|Book Review|0 Comments