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Hello! Welcome to my website. I moved to Northern California from the Midwest in early adulthood. I sought acceptance and abundance: the freedom to be myself as a creative person, a woman, and a mother. I yearned for a cosmopolitan community, a salubrious climate, the beach, good food, a place that embraces all kinds of people and offers professional respect, happiness, and financial opportunity.  I found all these things in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I hope you enjoy your visit here and feel inclined to leave a comment or drop me a line. Thanks for stopping by!

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Ariel Levy’s Rules Do Not Apply

The San Francisco Bay Area’s iconic book store, Book Passage, was the setting for many a teary eye one recent afternoon when Ariel Levy’s audience shared their deep connections with her new memoir, The Rules Do Not Apply (Random House 2017). Ms. Levy is a 42-year-old journalist who has been a staff writer at The New Yorker magazine since 2008. Previously she was a contributing editor at New York magazine for twelve years. In addition, her writing has appeared in [...]

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News to the Reading World: An Afternoon with Paulette Jiles

Paulette Jiles is a subtle woman with a penetrating gaze who chooses her words with obvious punctiliousness, as a great author must. She delivered them to an adoring audience at the preeminent Corte Madera, CA book store, Book Passage, on a recent Sunday afternoon. She began by relating an ignominious moment with self-effacing humor, about how it was she arrived at an important awards banquet last fall with a busted arm and a bruised face (she had fallen down outside [...]

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To the Bright Edge of Eowyn Ivey’s World

The greatly admired Alaskan writer, Eowyn Ivey (pronounced “A-o-win”), spoke at Book Passage in San Francisco’s Ferry Building recently about her enticing new book, To the Bright Edge of the World. It is an epistolary novel published in hardcover by Little Brown and Company. Ms. Ivey’s stunning debut novel, The Snow Child (2012), was a New York Times Bestseller, finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, and winner of the UK National Book Award. It has been published in more than twenty-five [...]

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