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Hello! Welcome to my website. I moved to Northern California from the Midwest in early adulthood. I sought acceptance and abundance: the freedom to be myself as a creative person, a woman, and a mother. I yearned for a cosmopolitan community, a salubrious climate, the beach, good food, a place that embraces all kinds of people and offers professional respect, happiness, and financial opportunity.  I found all these things in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I hope you enjoy your visit here and feel inclined to leave a comment or drop me a line. Thanks for stopping by!

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The Trouble with Lexie, by Jessica Anya Blau (Harper Perennial, 336 p. $14.99)

We are launched into Lexie’s suddenly unhinged life at a scandalous moment, as she is discovered in the worst possible condition, in the most unthinkable place at precisely the wrong time. This contemporary, hilarious fourth novel from Jessica Anya Blau is addicting and fast-paced. After the ignominious opening scene, the story jumps back in time, where we learn Lexie’s history through artfully constructed scenes. Lexie James is an alluring 33-year-old Health and Human Sexuality teacher at a prestigious U.S. private [...]

September 19th, 2016|Book Review|0 Comments

Through the Writer’s Eyes: An Evening with Jonathan Shapiro

If Jonathan Shapiro’s credentials don’t get your attention, his charm and poise as a speaker certainly will. He spoke at San Francisco’s iconic Ferry Building book store, Book Passage, recently while on tour for his debut novel, Deadly Force. Mr. Shapiro’s background includes two degrees from Harvard, a Rhodes scholarship, three years working as a newspaper reporter, ten years as a trial lawyer (including criminal prosecution while working as an Assistant U.S. Attorney with such stars as Janet Reno, later [...]

September 16th, 2016|Author Events|0 Comments

Eight Things I Learned in Relationship Boot Camp

Are you perplexed by the mystery of keeping love and intimacy alive in a relationship? Are you confounded by your partner’s behavior, or in despair that the relationship you have is not the one you thought you were going to have, or even what you want? Are you feeling deflated by the ending of a relationship you thought was here to stay? Having survived spectacular, near-fatal relationship skirmishes for decades and having come out the other side smiling, perhaps I [...]

September 3rd, 2016|Happiness, Love|0 Comments